We are extremely pleased to have won Best Story for the National Arts Festival Short.Sharp.Stories Award. This year’s theme, Die Laughing, drew many entries, twenty of which were chosen for the collection, which will be launched in Cape Town and Die LaughingJohannesburg. ‘This Could Get Messy,’ our winning story, was described by the judges, Karabo Kgoleng, Karina Szczurek and Ken Barris, as ‘a simply wonderful story about love…funny, with its twists and turns, chuckles and sadness.’

Our story is about Ilhaam Nassif, a passionate and brilliant schoolgirl who has an extensive knowledge of the Koran and a confidential problem involving love, and Gary Schiff, a rather pompous philosopher of mathematics and a man with his own secrets, whom she contacts. Who will see through the other first? Who knows more about love? And what will be the outcome? We enjoyed finding out what happens when this oddly-matched pair interact.


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