Pénetrations: the French Philosopher

The hospital of the erotic imaginary

Would you like a glass of wine?
If you cannot order wine from a waitress without brutality or pleading, the philosopher will show you how.

On the genius of French prose

Understanding and solving the conflict in the Middle East

At the public baths

On airports and the best line of poetry in the English language

On gyms

French philosopher denies end of holiday

On holiday resorts

On holidays

2 thoughts on “Pénetrations: the French Philosopher

  1. Luba says:

    Thank you, Lisa and Greg, for your entertaining interviews. Raining cats and dogs outside on a cold Sunday evening in Christchurch. What a wonderful way, sitting here in my cosy and warm study watching you two, unique and hilarious couple! Excellent family environments to bringing up your boys, including the family dog.

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