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Greg Lazarus is the pen name of husband-and-wife writing duo Greg Fried and Lisa Lazarus.

Greg is a philosopher at the University of Cape Town. He teaches various topics, including the philosophy of mathematics and the history of philosophy. Currently Greg’s research is in social choice theory, which deals with methods of reaching collective decisions.

Lisa is a psychologist and freelance writer. She has Master’s degrees in educational psychology and creative writing, and a higher diploma in education. She has written for publications including Men’s Health, Femina, Shape, Cosmopolitan, Cape Town’s Child, Psychologies, and Mail & Guardian. Lisa tutors Magazine Journalism, Feature Writing and Memoir Writing for SA Writers’ College. The blog on the home page is written by Lisa.

The couple have written two novels,  Paradise (Kwela, 2014) and When in Broad Daylight I Open My Eyes (Kwela, 2012), and a memoir, The Book of Jacob: A Journey into Parenthood (Oshun, 2009). They have also published a number of short stories in anthologies. The story ‘This Could Get Messy’ won the National Arts Festival Award for the  Best Story in the annual anthology of stories chosen for the Short.Sharp.Stories Awards.

Our contact email address is lisayael(at)gmail.com.

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